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"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." -
E.E. Cummings

Give Thanks and Enjoy…

November 28th, 2013


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When All Else Fails… Turn To Politics

November 24th, 2013


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Turnabout Is Fair Play…

November 21st, 2013


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Special Talents…

November 19th, 2013


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Perry the Platypus…

November 17th, 2013


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Let’s Have The Government Run Everything, Huh?…

November 14th, 2013


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You Light Up My Life…

November 9th, 2013


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Running With Scissors…

November 5th, 2013


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My New Expanded “Membership Offer” For You Boomers… (Part 1 and Part 2)

November 4th, 2013

November 1, 2013

My new updated and expanded membership site for Baby Boomers will be available in a few days… become a member while this offer lasts.


This is Part 2 of my new “Membership Offer” for you Boomers and blog readers who enjoy my Baby Boomers Laugh and Learn Membership Site daily blog. The details will be available soon.




Special Offer, Part 2

Two days ago I told you that I have a new offer coming from my blog, Baby Boomers Laugh and Learn Membership Site, that will be of interest to you and all of my regular blog readers. With this offer I can take care of some problems we all have as we search the Internet. I will also provide some new components to the blog site.

In my first e-mail (please read here, (Part 1), if you haven’t already done so) we discussed the problem of “time” and how Baby Boomers can waste a lot of it aimlessly searching online. Another problem is how to “identify” the sites you would like to go to on a regular basis for relevant information aimed at us Boomers. I have been searching for these important sites for over two years now as I constantly update the information I make available to you since we are all searching for the same important Boomer news.

That means I can save you a lot of time. I can also research every day for the sites that need to be “identified” for all Boomers. Once I find a good source I can make it available to you… if you are a member of my blog site. I have reached a point where other blogs are sending me Boomer information on a regular basis because they are aware of Baby Boomers Laugh and Learn Membership Site.

So, I can save you time and identify the key websites that keep us Boomers on top and in the know. At the same time, I will continue to find new sources of humor to keep all of us laughing every day.

Some of my stuff is free, but the really good material is available only to the members. The details of my new membership offer will be ready in a few days, so please stay tuned. You’ll like what you see.

In my next e-mail I will discuss a problem we all have while on the Internet. How do we make our research for the good stuff “convenient”. Once again, feel free to send comments back to me about Baby Boomers Laugh and Learn Membership Site. My new membership offer is coming in just a few days and I’m sure you’re going to find it interesting.

Next e-mail in two days.

Phil McMillan, Publisher


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The Titanic…

November 1st, 2013


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