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"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." -
E.E. Cummings

Egypt… Now What?

January 31st, 2011

Well, the middle east is at it again. Egypt has rioting in the streets… now what? They’ve had enough of Mubarak, but will the new dude be any better? The real fear here is that the “Muslim Brotherhood” will step into the vacuum created by the departing Mubarak.

Muslim Brotherhood = Sharia Law. Or, to be more blunt, if you are not a Muslim you are an infidel. Sharia Law cannot co-exist with Western democracy. Ultimately, it cannot co-exist with any other culture or form of government. So, if the Egyptian struggle ends with the Muslim Brotherhood taking control we have a huge problem in that part of the world.

If this uprising turns bad it also becomes a problem for Israel. Arab nations have within their charters the goal of wiping out the Jewish state and obliterating all Israel citizens. Nice neighbors, huh?

Right now we can only sit back and watch what happens and then see how the world reacts. Let’s pray that those rioters think over their options once Mubarak is gone.

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January 31st, 2011

Avalanche Outage pictures

Now this is a funny snow job…

Watch This Video

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Re-Arranging The Deck Chairs On The Titanic…

January 31st, 2011

chip bok

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Things You Didn’t Know About The Ocean…

January 31st, 2011

School children commenting on the ocean:

* “Sharks are ugly and mean, and have big teeth, just like Emily
Richardson. She’s not my friend any more.” (Kylie, age 6)

* “This is a picture of an octopus. It has eight testicles.” (Kelly, age 6)

* “Oysters’ balls are called pearls.” (Jerry, age 6)

* “If you are surrounded by ocean, you are an island. If you don’t have
ocean all round you, you are incontinent.” (Neil, age 7)

* “Some fish are dangerous. Jellyfish can sting. Electric eels can give
you a shock. They have to live in caves under the sea where I think they have
to plug themselves in to chargers.” (Christopher, age 7)

* “The ocean is made up of water and fish. Why the fish don’t drown I
don’t know.” (Bobby, age 6)

* “My dad was a sailor on the ocean. He knows all about the ocean. What he
doesn’t know is why he quit being a sailor and married my mom.” (James, age 7)

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“Wouldn’t It Be Nice?”…

January 29th, 2011

It still seems like it all happened yesterday, doesn’t it?

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The Act Of Giving… Good For Your Health

January 28th, 2011

A recent article in the Omaha World-Herald discussed the benefits we get when we perform an act of kindness or when we give something to someone. Richard Brown, a writer for, talked about some of his own random acts of kindness that he has initiated during the Christmas holiday season over the years.

He talked about buying movie tickets for people standing in line behind him at the theater, giving money to young mothers with small children to buy Christmas presents, and so on. But what Brown really wanted to discuss was how good he felt after performing his “good deed for the day”. He tried to do every kind act anonymously just for the satisfaction of trying to help his fellow man.

He read a remarkable story recently about a 35 year old woman who had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis two years before. After many treatments, many drugs, and the start of failing health she took the advice of a friend and decided to try this remedy: give away 29 gifts in 29 days.

She felt better after one day. After the 14th day, she stopped using her cane and noticed that she felt better almost every day. By the time the 29 days had gone by she had experienced an amazing recovery. Her name is Cami Walker and her website is “”.

We Boomers are turning 65 at the rate of 10,000 people a day here in the USA. Many of us have aches and pains, diseases, disabilities and so on. We also have time, money, and resources that we can gift to others. As Richard Brown points out, how therapeutic would that gifting be.

It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Help your fellow man, and be blessed in the process.

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Is Anyone Listening?…

January 28th, 2011

nate beeler

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Kicking It Down The Road…

January 28th, 2011

chip bok

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Love In All The Wrong Places…

January 28th, 2011

He grasped me firmly but gently just above my elbow and guided me into a room, his room. Then he quietly shut the door and we were alone. He approached me soundlessly, from behind, and spoke in a low, reassuring voice close to my ear. “Just relax.”

Without warning, he reached down and I felt his strong, calloused hands start at my ankles, gently probing, and moving upward along my calves slowly but steadily. My breath caught in my throat. I knew I should be afraid, but somehow I didn’t care. His touch was so experienced, so sure. When his hands moved up onto my thighs, I gave a slight shudder, and partly closed my eyes. My pulse was pounding. I felt his knowing fingers caress my abdomen, my ribcage.

And then, as he cupped my firm, full breasts in his hands, I inhaled sharply. Probing, searching, knowing what he wanted, he brought his hands to my shoulders, slid them down my tingling spine and into my panties. Although I knew nothing about this man, I felt oddly trusting and expectant.

This is a man, I thought. A man used to taking charge. A man not used to taking `no’ for an answer. A man who would tell me what he wanted. A man who would look into my soul and say… “Okay, ma’am,” said a voice. “All done.”

My eyes snapped open and he was standing in front of me, smiling, holding out my purse.

“You can board your flight now.”

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Help Me, Mr. Wizard!…

January 27th, 2011

TV host, Michael Scott, practically has a heart attack handling animals during a local program when a lizard jumps on his torso.

Absolutely hilarious…

Watch This Video

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